Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the digital world accessible to everyone.

Our story

I have always been business minded and my search for the right product or thing to do has taken me down many paths, from Artist to Internet marketer and many more professions to the present which is still the internet, but to something I feel passionate about and that is website accessibility. Why should a website be inaccessible to someone with a disability. 

My 11 year old son is Autistic and doesn't like change that much and is focused on what he feels more comfortable with. Flashing light is one thing that can be reduced on many websites and is probably free to do but can save untold suffering for many people. 

The background colours and contrast can also be adjusted with just adding one line of code to a website. The same code will add a magnifier, a font sizing option and much more. So why isn't this on all websites already? I think it is because most people are unaware that this can be a problem, especially if they don't have any disabilities. So I now see this as my duty to educate as many people with websites as I can, after all we expect to see disabled toilets, ramps and parking spaces for disabled people in the offline world, so why are websites any different?

Meet the team

John Waite and 

Brave Johnson ( John's son )

Thank you to all the Nurses and Surgeons of

Good Hope Hospital that made my son 'WELL'